Free Homeschooling Options

Budget conscious parents often seek after free homeschooling resources. Parents join online and community homeschooling groups to learn methods of locating, making, and trading resources to decrease the cost of homeschooling. Those seeking free resources can also find support from homeschooling bloggers and websites who understand the basic need to control costs in order to afford homeschooling.

One group of homeschoolers who have worked hard at helping parents understand how to reduce and control costs of homeschooling are unschoolers. Unschoolers have advocated child led learning and teaching from the child’s natural environment. This naturally reduces the cost of education. Those who explore the techniques of unschooling can find ways to incorporate new ideas for educational opportunities even if one decides not to adopt all of the philosophy.

The local library provides more resources than many people realize. The most obvious resources are of course books, DVD’s, and audio books. Some libraries offer specific curriculum materials in a variety of formats that parents and teachers can borrow. It is important to ask as often times only teachers are aware of the resources. Interlibrary loan can expand the resources available to homeschooling parents. Parents should ask about museum and other passes. Many offer free passes to visit historical or science exhibits. These visits can provide children with alternate learning methods to add to homeschooling units. Some of these places also offer free learning activities online. Parents should research their resources as well.

The Internet provides a variety of free homeschooling options for parents. Some school districts are providing free online charter schools to parents who want to enroll online. This option provides parents with free curriculum, but does tie parents to a public school curriculum. However, parents seeking free resources can find a wide range of subject and age level materials available online. Homeschooling blogs and websites provide parents with access to resources to use online or to print out and use with lessons. Parents can also get informed about local areas that offer educational opportunities.