How to Ensure You Do Not Have the Best iPad App

The iPad is said to be primarily used for reading and using the Internet. While the use of the iPad should invariably be different from the iPhone it is important to remember that people just love to play games and find little and new ways of tie-breaking themselves from doing any real work anything constructive. So if you make sure that you have got the best iPad app out there then you’re going get a lot of downloads.

Because the best app may not necessarily be something new, it doesn’t matter that people may have played it on the iPhone and the iPod. What is important is that on this new piece of technology it gains the coveted number one slot. Just like searches on Google there are a lot of matches every time you run a search but which ones do you choose first? Do you scan a couple of pages through or do you simply take the first option the pops up maybe occasionally choosing the second and third choices on the odd time the first option doesn’t grab your attention.

So if you want to make sure you get the best iPad app slot, do some research and investigate ways you’re going to get into that number one slot or at least the top 25 on the iTunes lists. Developers already use number of creative ways to ensure that their games get exposure on that coveted top 25 list. We’ve seen them release points packs as separate applications we’ve seen them cloning already popular application giving them a slightly different skin and theme. Then pass it back out there so that their fan base will re-download, hopefully all at the same time, pushing it up to number one.

We have also seen developers use Amazon Mechanical Turk, asking people to download the application if it’s free for a minimal payout of one or two cents and write a review; post articles on blogs with favourable back links and links to the application itself in an effort to increase the exposure that their game gets; making reward systems inside their games that ask you to go and grab your friends and people you don’t know get them to sign up and give your code so that you can gain kudos in-game.

It seems like developers will do just about anything to grab the number one slot and make sure that they’ve got the best iPad app out there. So remember the best iPad app is well marketed; the best iPad app will be well-developed; the best iPad app will offer something new to take into account the new customers that are going to come along and have never owned an iPhone before. The best iPad app will be one that had a developer that did not sit back and do nothing and for them the best iPad app is definitely going to be a gold mine.

Choosing Your BlackBerry Alarm App

You’ve just gotten a shiny new BlackBerry – it could be the latest BlackBerry Curve, a new BlackBerry Torch, or even a brand new BlackBerry Storm – you pull out your new smartphone, peel off the plastic, and dive into App World to fill your BlackBerry with the latest in mobile gadgets; but with so many apps available, which one should be the first to make its way onto your new phone? This article will help you navigate through the confused jumble of BlackBerry alarm apps that are currently on the market, helping you find the BlackBerry alarm that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

An Informational Morning:
Did you ever want to try a more pleasant morning wake-up than a loud buzzing alarm, or maybe you have trouble finding the time each day to read through your morning paper? If you’re looking for an all but ordinary way to wake up in the morning, then you’re in for a new experience when trying out Wakeful talking alarm. Rather than waking you up with a conventional buzzer noise, Wakeful will wake you up by reading aloud the day’s local weather, letting you know what to expect before you’ve even crawled out of bed. You’ll also get woken up to the top news stories that broke overnight, as well as the world’s most up-to-date stock information to keep on top of the markets. Wakeful is customizable, reading your name aloud as it greets you each morning: it’s a bit like your own personal butler that reads aloud the information most important to you every time you crawl out of bed.

The Horrible Sleeper:
You may have heard of the alarm clock apps that’ll track your movements while sleeping in order to wake you up at just the right time. These apps typically work by tracking your movements on the bed, however even though BlackBerry isn’t capable of tracking these movements the way some other smartphones can, we BlackBerry users nonetheless have an alternative. The Sleep Cycle app doesn’t track your movements while sleeping in order to wake you up more refreshed, however it does help you to graph your sleeping patterns in order to achieve a more healthy sleeping patterns. This is the best app for those looking for a healthier sleep, though you’ll have to make sure you’re motivated enough to graph your sleep each day!

The Bus Rider:
The creator of Bus Alarm had a fear that many of us share: falling asleep on the bus ride home and forgetting to get off at his stop! Bus Alarm has been built to solve this problem and if you’re a habitual bus rider like the app’s creator, this might just be the best alarm application for you. This alarm will alert you when you’re approaching your bus stop, leaving you the freedom to dose off against the head rest, or get lost in a captivating novel, without fearing that you may drive right by your bus stop and end up miles from home.

The Planner:
Alarm Pro is an app made for those who need to use multiple alarms in a single day: one to get up, one for their morning meeting, another to remind them to take their medication, etc. This app is the monkey on your back that will keep your day organized and on time, without the need to manually set and reset multiple alarms each day. If you’re the kind of person that needs to keep organized without putting too much thought into it, then it may be worth giving Alarm Pro a try.

For most, the alarm is something that they set to get themselves up in the morning, and it has very little impact on the rest of the day. However BlackBerry alarm apps have increasingly become an essential app for any BlackBerry user’s smartphone. With your BlackBerry alarm you can start waking up and keeping track of your day in ways that a conventional alarm clock never could. Most of these apps have a free trial version, so give them a try and see how today’s innovative BlackBerry alarms can change your life. And hey, if you don’t like it, you can have your old life back!

Finding the Best App for Your Xero

There is no doubt that Xero® is a great cloud based accounting tool for small to medium businesses. Features such as the marrying of your bank-statements to your accounts make users day to day running of the business much easier. However to gain access to additional functions users need to find an app (or application) and install.

Apps typically have a monthly fee that is in addition to the Xero monthly fee and these apps are often for individual components of functionality, for example ‘dash-board reports’.

By the time you read this article Ostendo will be available for Xero® and rather than installing a heap of individual apps to address your operational requirements, Ostendo will give you a single ‘all in one’ application with the following components;

– CRM (customer relationship management) – leads, opportunities, pipeline
– Job Costing – work in progress, times to jobs, back to back ordering, schedules…
– Customisable Workflow – sales, jobs, manufacturing, stock…
– Manufacturing – kits, bill of materials, assembly orders, constraints, requirements…
– Advanced Stock Control – imports, landed costs, serials, batches, pricing rules, rentals…
– Multi-… – locations, currencies, branches, warehouses, company, sales territories…
– Point of Sale – laybys, vouchers, parked sales, barcodes, till controls…
– Reporting – SQL query tool, Excel feed, custom pivot tables, dashboards…
– User Management – permissions, hide product costs, audit trail, screen customisation
– Web services – use Ipad for; timesheets, orders, quotes, meter readings…
– Data integrations – load from spreadsheets/application, industry specific integrations…
– Call Centre / Servicing – service level agreements, client asset tracking, telesales…

Ostendo can be configured around your business processes so that you can then monitor metrics and key performance indicators. In addition, rather than having data across different locations in your business you can store it all within Ostendo for all users to access.

Better still, Ostendo users can have their own screen environment where they have their role based functions laid out along with a dashboard of related activity. The views can be customised as well as restricted (for example, some managers do not want their sales staff to see the raw cost of an item and in this case the cost field can be blacked out).

No doubt there are a wide range of apps for Xero available. Looking on the Xero website they are all under categories including; billing, expense management, ecommerce, debtor tracking, stock control, jobs, point of sale, HR, reporting, time tracking and payments. Best to look at the total cost of ownership of the total solution including other factors such as manual tasks, training, configuration and other similar non-financial costs.At the end of the day, your accounting / ERP system needs to deliver the core business benefits and allow you to run your business smoothly, efficiently and be in the position to track important business metrics in a timely manner.

The Right Place At The Right Time – Geo-Local Apps For Mobiles

Hi there now in this article I want to cover a way to market your business, driving customers directly to your door if you have a “walk in” outlet, this can be really powerful. But also consider this from an internet marketing perspective and realise the potential of how you could use this as a marketing tool to create and sell to others in your area or further afield depending on their kind of business. Let’s be honest many small to medium sized businesses fail to get the marketing opportunities the web offers, or simply haven’t got the time or expertise to develop them – there’s your opportunity.

The best way to market to mobiles is to use their unique capabilities. These days, all mobile devices come with built-in GPS. This capability gives you the option of reaching your target market at the right place at the right time.

Imagine this – your customer is cruising around town looking for a place to get an oil change. When they’re just a few blocks from your shop (or your client’s shop), a coupon comes straight to their phone offering them a smoking deal on an oil change. The minute they see the coupon, your shop pulls into view.

Geo-local apps use GPS to reach your customer when they’re in the perfect place to get your offer. There’s a whole lot you can do with them. Let’s look at just a few examples.

Offer Coupons

In the example above, I mentioned mobile coupons. This is exactly the same as PC-based email marketing or SMS text message marketing. You get them to sign up for your list and make offers to them. The difference is the geographic factor. You can set a zone, which is a certain geographic area, and when they enter the zone, they get the message. Coupons on mobiles are even more convenient than printable coupons because all they have to do is show it to the person at the counter.

The Social Factor

There are apps that are integrated with social media. For example, when they get close to a restaurant one of their friends liked on Facebook or reviewed on Yelp, it appears on their phone. They’re looking for a place to go and when they engage the app, it gives all of their friends’ recommendations in the area.

Maps and Directions

Some of the best apps you can offer are simply maps. Let’s say your customer wants to buy some bath accessories. They enter this into a search app and it shows all the places near them where they can shop. An enhanced app might give them even more data, like directions on how to get there or average prices at the shops.

Alarm Apps

Create an app where customers can set an alarm to be triggered when they’re at a specific location. For example, they need to pick up the dry cleaning when they’re downtown today. They can set their own zone (downtown) and when they enter it, the alarm goes off telling them to pick up their dry cleaning.

Developing Your Own Geo-Local App

The key to developing a great geo-local app is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself, ‘What could I really use right now?’ It’s all about user experience and creating something that makes their life easier. Turn their mobile into a tool that can find the perfect local service for them with just one click of the app.

Fun Educational Apps for Your iPad

Did you know you could turn your iPad into a Fun Educational Learning Center with some great educational apps? With so many apps, it can be tough to find the right fit for you and your child. In this article I plan to put you on the right path to discover what the iPad has to offer.

Book apps on your iPad are a great way to share special moments with your child.
While surfing the net I found a great app that is called Silly app, it has sophisticated and bright artwork, amusing characters, sound effects, animation, voice-over narration and music. This combination is what every child needs to have a good laugh and learn at the same time.

I would like to warn some parents before they go out and buy tons of educational apps to please understand, many of the most popular iPad educational apps are best suited for children in the elementary to high school age span. This is not my baby can read!

Natalie from has some of the best math apps that make studying math a lot of fun on your iPad. Here is a small list of those apps which can be found on iTunes.

Motion Math: $0.99

Kids math fun $1.99

Mathemagics: $0.99

I found Math Magic to be a great educational iPad app that helps your child improve their math skills in a fun and exciting way. One more math app that I almost left off the list is the Pop Math, although this game is dubbed as a fun game for kids of all ages, it has its limitations, younger children will need some basic concept of math and older children may not find it very challenging.

I know what you’re thinking, “Will my child like these apps,” well studies have shown
Kids love these apps because they seem more like playing than learning.

Another great place to look for educational apps for your iPad is the App Store. They have this cool app that helps young children learn the alphabet and phonics in a fun and educational way. For those little Isaac Newtons, they have the Star Walk which opens up the heavens like a telescope, taking kids or adults on a tour through astrological bodies and various constellations.

The amazing thing about iPad apps are they help your child review basic skills, improve critical thinking and decision-making skills, and even learn to read. In fact, there are educational apps designed to teach people of any age or skill level.

One of the best apps out there is the Edupath LSAT iPad app, which tests your child on nearly every LSAT question in print. This is an invaluable app which can prepare your child like no other.

Educational apps for your iPad are quickly gaining recognition as a premier piece of educational equipment. I can’t over stress it, the educational apps for your iPad are meant for kids to use the iPad to play games while learning new skills. Not only will kids have fun playing with these apps but they will gain information and maybe learn something new.

Load Up Your New Windows Phone 7 With These 5 Free Apps

The new kid on the block is creating quite the buzz. Windows Phone 7 has jumped out of the starting gate with sales of approximately 40,000 phones on the first day alone. Not to mention their marketplace (which can be browsed if you download the free Zune software to your computer) boasts 1,600 apps – already. Like all the other smart phone platforms, deciding on the best apps to download can be a tough decision. Download these 5 free apps to get you started.

Slacker Radio – Slacker Inc.

Never be without great personalized music. This is a simple radio app that allows you to choose from 130 pre-programmed genre stations or even create your own with the songs and artists you prefer. This is one of the best radio apps at really playing music that hits the mark with what you ask it to play.

Yelp – Yelp

No matter where you are, with this app you will quickly be able to find anything from a gas station (before you run out of gas) to a specific restaurant like an Irish Pub, or the closest Falafel take out. You can read reviews from others to make your experience even better by avoiding tourist traps or dives. This app is great for helping you find places to eat, drink, shop, play and relax.

Xbox Live Extras – Microsoft Game Studios

Windows Phone 7 is known for its ability to link to Xbox Live. This app is the gateway for creating and linking your Xbox live avatar on your mobile device, to your account. You’ll connect with your friends, track your achievements and receive messages from the Xbox live community. This is something none of the other smart phones have.

AP Mobile – The Associated Press

This news streaming app will keep you connected to all the news you need with breaking stories, dynamic photos, videos and front page headlines. Customize your news to be local, national or even international for the news categories you want to see. Bringing together 1,200 trusted news sources will make sure you don’t miss a thing. As the website says, “AP Mobile is the news you choose.”


Even though these are three separate apps, they easily fall into one category – Social Media. No phone should be without the means to watch and share videos, information and stories with your friends and clients on your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube apps; A must for every new Windows Phone 7 owner.

How To Choose The Best Android App Developer?

Android is an open source operating system created by Google Inc. which has revolutionized the world of smart phones and mobile devices. A large number of people across the globe use a variety of devices powered by Android. Due to the popularity of Android powered devices, many businesses from around the world have started developing application for Android, for promoting their business. Developing app for Android devices is a great tool of marketing which allows organizations to create an impact on the minds of the people. However, for successful android app development marketing, you need to choose the best app developer.

Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the best Android app developer:

Look around before you choose anyone – you should not take any decision in a hurry. Instead, you should look around so that you can locate an able and efficient app developer who can meet the requirements of your business. Even though you can search for such individuals in your locality, the best option is to look for them online. The internet is full of firms and individuals who offer software or application development services. You can easily get in touch with them through email and find out if they can offer you with what you require.

Opt for an experienced firm or individual – in this particular line of business, experience certainly counts. Developing applications is not an easy task and only experienced individuals will have a good understanding of how the process works. They will be able to cater to the needs of all kinds of people, and they can also understand what will be best for your business. Besides, they will be better equipped to fix any bugs, which might be detected in the testing stages. Thus, it is advisable that you only opt for the services of an experienced Android app developer for your business.

Obtain information about their reputation – you must understand that the internet is full of fake developers who cannot provide you with any real service. Hence, it is very important that you find out if the individual or the firm that you want to opt for is reputed. The best way to obtain such information is to read reviews about these firms, posted on various online forums. When you read the reviews which are posted by actual customers of these firms, you will get an idea about their reputation. The reviews will also give you information about their quality of service.

Find out if they are versatile – before selecting any particular app developer firm, you should find out if they are able to develop all kinds of applications. They should be versatile so that they can help your business with all its needs and create an Android application which can help in making your business popular. If they are not very versatile, they may not be able to create the application that your business requires. Also, they should have the required knowledge for creating the ideal android app for your business.

Project Management App Features You May Not Even Realize Are Out There

Most business leaders realize that a good project management app can have a tremendous impact on how well their team completes projects. Good systems can improve efficiency, boost productivity, and much more. While plenty of apps out there will offers some very basic functions, there are a variety of different features you may find in a project management app that could have an even bigger effect on how your team completes their projects.

Once you take a look at major things like access control and multiple admin capabilities, look at the smaller features that build up the larger picture. For instance, everyone knows that task management is important, but consider just what you want from task management. For instance, you may want to look for apps that allow you to set up subtasks for easier organization and assignment.

Gantt charts are an absolute must these days, and allow you to carefully track and monitor the progress of the system. But what about being able to filter out different elements for an even more detailed look? It’s another way that the best apps can really help make a difference in your final results.

Also in the ‘task management’ area of your project management app, consider looking to ensure that communication is available. If the app allows you to leave notes and comments on different tasks and subtasks, it’s a lot easier for your team to continue collaborating properly and get some serious results out of the system.

That final point brings up one of the biggest features to keep looking for – communication. While most project management app options out there make it fairly easy to handle some basic communication, a better thing to look for is just what kind of detailed conversations and communication plans exist. Being able to connect with those involved in every stage of the project, send emails, set up email alerts, and even have chat is important for getting a project done properly.

Finally, it’s worth making sure that the project management app you’re looking into is an online, web based one. By making certain that the program is online you’ll ensure that connectivity is at a maximum, that everyone involved can access the suite of features no matter where they are, and that it’s easier to manage and collaborate with the team.

It’s important to look beyond the basic two or three features offered by an app and look at the specifics of what it offers. Doing so could help you get the most from your program.

Top 10 Best iPhone/iPad Apps for Students!

I know from my own experience that many students have iPhones and iPads which they take to university with them, and most seem to get good use out of them, using their devices to record lectures and take notes, but it seems to me that very few are really getting the most out out of them! So, I decided to compile this list of the 10 best iOS apps for students – enjoy! (in no particular order!)

1) Dropbox

Everybody who has an iPad or iPhone, should have Dropbox. In fact, everybody should have Dropbox, simple as. If you haven’t heard of it, basically it’s a free service that lets you store documents in the ‘cloud’. So what? It’s incredibly easy to use, multiplatform and integrated into a lot of apps and websites, including Facebook.

You can install dropbox on your computer so it just appears as a regular folder you can save files into, and then you can access them anywhere, from any device! Forget having to log on to your uni’s undoubtedly complicated remote access service, don’t worry about having forgotten or lost your pendrive or having multiple copies of the same file – Dropbox sorts it all out for you! You can even create ‘shared’ folders which is great if you’re doing group work.

In a nutshell: Store & synchronise files online

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC, Web

Price: Free! (premium option available)

2) Goodreader

The most obvious thing to do with your iPad is to store lecture notes and presentations on it. Right now you’re probably using iBooks to open them which is fine but… what if you wanted to draw on and annotate your notes? In that case you’ll want Goodreader! Has Dropbox synchronisation built in so you can keep your files all nice and tidy still!

In a nutshell: Annotate lecture notes

Works with: iPhone, iPad

Price: £2.99 / $4.99 (must buy iPhone and iPad separately unfortunately!)

3) Evernote

You may already have heard of Evernote. I mainly use it for writing notes during lectures. It has a number of advantages over ‘traditional’ software such as MS Word in that it lets you organise your notes into notebooks, rather than ‘files’ which I find makes them easier to look up.

You can paste in rich media such as images, video and recordings easily and it features cloud integration so your notes are available on any device: iPad, iPhone, computer or web! You can also use it to record audio, so you can record a lecture whilst making notes on it!

In a nutshell: Record & take notes in lectures

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC, Web

Price: Free (premium version available)

4) Inkling

Inkling is exactly what the iPad was made for: high-quality, digital textbooks that really take advantage of the tablet format. Inkling does not simply deliver the PDF versions of textbooks, it lovingly re-creates them in the digital format, and the result is quite simply amazing!

Some of the world’s most renowned textbooks are now delivered through Inkling with embedded video, audio, ‘test yourself’ images, Multiple Choice Questions, fill-in-the-blanks, hyperlinks and even comments from other students. The app itself is free though they charge for the books.

Book prices tend to be about the same as the print version which personally I feel is a bit steep, but you can buy them by-the-chapter and all in all it’s definitely worth it.

In a nutshell: Beautiful digital textbooks

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Web

Price: Free (charge for books)

5) PDF Printer

I mentioned earlier that you can use Goodreader to annotate and highlight your lecture notes – to do that, however, they’ll need to be in PDF format. This is the best PDF convertor I’ve found, it isn’t perfect (it struggles sometimes converting PowerPoint files, in my experience) but its very good and simple to use. Simply open a file in safari, choose to open it in PDF Reader, convert it then open in Goodreader!

In a nutshell: Convert files to PDF

Works with: iPhone, iPad

Price: £3.99 / $5.99

6) Flashcards++

Personally, I don’t rate flashcards that highly as a revision tool, but obviously a lot of people do and they do have their place – if you’re looking for a good app for flashcards, you can’t go wrong with this one!

In a nutshell: Create & download flashcards

Works with: iPhone, iPad

Price: £2.49 / $3.99

7) iThoughtsHD

I’m not gonna lie… this one is a little on the pricey side but in my opinion it’s worth the price, and I’m not even a huge fan of mindmaps! It really does it well though, definitely worth checking out

In a nutshell: Easily create mindmaps

Works with: iPhone, iPad

Price: £6.99 / $9.99

8) Wunderlist

I’m a big fan of the “ToDo” list, it really helps me get things done and there’s a strange satisfaction in crossing something off your list! There is absolutely no shortage of the bloody things in the app store, some good, some bad, some absolutely terrible.

Wunderlist, in my opinion is the best of them! Some try and get too complicated (Nozbe) and some are just too basic (Reminders) but Wunderlist keeps things nice and simple, whilst also adding some great features such as cloud synchronisation and group ToDo lists… and best of all its completely free!

In a nutshell: “To Do” list

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Web

Price: Free!

9) Kindle

This one is probably more useful for Humanities/Arts students rather than science students, because whilst it does have a huge library, the actual Kindle platform isn’t well suited for textbooks or books that are very graphic-based such as many medical or scientific textbooks, for that I’d recommend Inkling (above) instead!

However, for mainly text-based books you can’t beat Kindle on ease of use or price. A lot of people say “I’d rather read a paper book” or “I can’t read off a screen” but you do get used to it, and the annotating / note taking abilities combined with the ability to carry hundreds of books in your pocket really does outweigh it all in my opinion.

In a nutshell: eBooks

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC, Web

Price: Free! (charge for books)

10) All Stuck Up

This one won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love it! Basically it is a virtual corkboard that lets you pin up different notes and move them around. It’s a great way to display short notes or flashcards on your screen and refer back to them.

In a nutshell: Virtual corkboard

Works with: iPad

Price: £0.69

So there you have it – 10 of the best apps for students right now, I hope you found it useful!

The Future of Apps and Android

iOS platform has some of the best apps available on any mobile or post PC platform. iOS has revolutionized the way we use post PC devices. While we see android starting to dominate the market share slowly, still there will the release of some of the amazing and awesome apps in the upcoming future for iOS.

Here is why – iOS is a platform that a good developer loves to develop apps for. All the major players in app world had started with iOS. The reason is simple – on iOS there is less fragmentation, as a matter of fact there is no fragmentation at all. While on android fragmentation is one hell of an issue.

There are gazillion manufacturers developing mobile phones or tablets with various versions of android running on them with various different Hardware configurations. While on iOS there is one version of iOS on a carefully selected and tested hardware by some of the best tech guys on the planet. So, as a result, even the underpowered CPU and GPU is very heavily optimized and leaves a seamless experience.

No matter what we predict or say, this will always be an advantage for Apple. The total control was a really nice and smart choice made by the late Steve Jobs. App Store and what goes in and out is totally controlled by the company and gives the best and most optimized experience. And if some friction is caused, we always have Apple to blame and it is fair enough since they have the total control.

Now for android, the reason they are growing is because of growing popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy devices, availability of range with devices and of course the price point.

If android wants to thrive, Google needs to focus on the soul, the operating system and control it.

The one thing they can do is to control the end user experience as much as they can. By restricting download of apps from third party sources and only allow Google play™ platform as an app market place.

They must start approving fully tested apps for the available device configuration and disapprove the incompatible buggy apps until they are fully tested and optimized for the available configuration. They must also control the privacy and security aspects of android as much as they can.

When this will happen, android will move a step forward towards being the app heaven like iOS.